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Julia Jeffries & Hazel Johnson

'It is only when the threat of popular participation is overcome that democratic forms can be safely contemplated' - Noam Chomsky

'The only safe pleasure for a parliamentarian is a bag of boiled sweets' – Julian Critchley MP

It is a question so obvious we wonder no-one has asked it before. What Are They Doing In There? answers the question that everyone in the country wants to know the answer to before the next general election. It takes a long, cool look at the House of Commons from within and without.

Are personal or financial scandals the only way for MPs to ‘raise their profile,’ has this profile raising become more important than working for the good of the country? Is Parliament unique in its make-up of miscreants and mavericks or is it simply a reflection of society itself? As we peer in at them do we see ourselves reflected back in the mirror?

The book sorts the wheat from the chaff, substance from spin, but most importantly, after the balloons have burst, it gives sane, measured advice for the next team up to bat.

What Are They Doing In There? is hilarious, irreverent but deadly serious…

Julia Jeffries is a designer and writer, author of the acclaimed Hey Nonny Handbook, a survival guide for women. Hazel Johnson is an award winning photographer who has worked for Saatchi & Saatchi, Vogue and The Times. Read more about them at: &

What Are They Doing in There?

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