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Daphne Nightingale's Lament
and other monologues

My "annus horriblis" was three years after Her Majesty's. It was the year Nigel and Geoffrey left their wives and I had my angina attack. Of course I identified with the Queen when she had her bad year as we are the same age but I felt for her more when I had family difficulties myself. Not that she has heart trouble; the royal doctors see to that, it was her sister who was the lost cause. Of course Margaret would smoke.

Disgrace must be worse when you are a public figure. Mind you the ladies at the coffee morning were on to me just like the paparazzi. They said "Was it the worry of sons that caused my blackout?" I said "Certainly NOT, they are quite big enough and old enough to sort out their own lives. It is nothing whatsoever to do with me". I was quite definite about that!!

Daphne Nightingale's Lament and other monologues