When the furore dies down

Like many other older feminists I struggle to see the connection between the brush of a leg at a dinner party and the more serious crimes of rape and rape as a weapon of war. Sexual crimes are on a continuum, but when all the furore about Harvey Weinstein et al has died down I feel that the UN and other world leaders should urgently address the recent atrocities carried out by soldiers in Syria and among the Rohingya. This  should be the priority.

Re the lesser crimes, however repugnant to women, I am afraid to say that while men are in charge of the life force, there will always be those with an eye for the main chance. It is sensible for women to walk against the traffic, always carry a spare pair of flat shoes, not get too drunk and understand it unwise to go back to a hotel with a footballer or a media moguls. It is not anti-feminist or anti freedom to look out for yourself and take simple precautions.

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