Utility companies

Paul Johnson, (Monday October 2nd) doubts that things would be better if utility companies etc. were brought back into public ownership. However it is right that at last we have an effective opposition to draw attention to this important issue. Since privatisation extra revenue has had to be found to satisfy shareholders and in order to do this all companies to a man, (rail, telecoms, gas and electricity & to a lesser extent water), have engaged in deliberate obfuscation presenting incomprehensible bills with over complicated tariffs. The consumer does not want marvellous “offers” of which they are quite rightly sceptical but a straightforward deal when paying bills which cannot be avoided.

The regulators have done little to force the companies to make things clearer because the government has not given them the powers. Regulation was never going to have enough teeth and this the enormous flaw with privatisation in general.

Under public ownership bills and tickets were transparent and fair. If the Conservative government does not get traction on this issue it cannot blame the public for voting Labour.

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