In defence of Theresa May

I did not vote for Theresa May but believe she has been statesmanlike in dealing with London’s recent atrocities. Surely the last thing victims want is more empathy, hugs and candlelit vigils. It is not the job of governments to hug or emote. Also I do not think a male prime minister would have been subjected to such vitriol. What is needed is more stiff upper lip and practical help. Since Kensington council have been unable to offer the necessary assistance, (to be also fair to them, a disaster of this magnitude could surely not have been envisaged in peacetime) the army  should have been brought in to set up field camps and co-ordinate operations. This would have been a reassuring and neutral presence. Using Theresa May as a punch bag is not the answer. Since Tony Blair called Diana ‘ the people’s princess’ there has been a seemingly unstoppable shift towards wailing and keening as the first line response to any disaster which  only exacerbates the sense of grievance and does nothing to address the problems. We need more pragmatism and good sense. If Theresa May wishes to restore her image she should call in the armed forces now. It is not too late.

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