Higher energy bills

Since privatisation the energy companies have carried out policies of deliberate obfuscation offering a plethora of tariffs supposedly offering value for money but in fact they simply deceive and confuse. They have pushed prices up to what the market can bear and then some more. It is not just the poor and the elderly who have suffered but those “just managing hard working families” that Theresa May is said to champion.

Everyone in the country should be allowed access to energy at a reasonable price and this is not the current state of affairs. All successive governments have done is hand-wringing. Bills are still over-complicated and it remains impossible to compare like for like. Also swapping suppliers is an arduous process and one simply cannot be sure of getting a better deal since the parameters are constantly in a state of flux.

The regulator’s admission that they “should have done better” (The Times January 22) is an understatement. If he cannot do better for the whole electorate he should be replaced by somebody who can. It is that simple. Otherwise what is he there for?

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