It has been thought an astute political move by Theresa May to call an election, but it is nothing other than a bid for personal power and may well backfire. It will clarify nothing and could simply muddy the waters. It will achieve little for the people of this country but will certainly dilute the energies of everyone at Westminster, taking time away from the important issue of Brexit. It will not help the group whom she apparently wishes to champion – those ‘just about managing’. This group is less concerned about Brexit and elections than low wages, lack of housing, cuts in the education budget and a failing NHS. Any prime minister would find handling these issues quite enough without adding to their workload. Everyone in Whitehall will be run into the ground after the election and will coast until the recess. After the holidays will be the Conference season. All true endeavour will now be in hold until October. Every hand is needed at the pump, not to run about the country shouting “Vote Conservative” but to sort Brexit and build the economy so that public services can be properly financed. This election is a vanity project – a surprise from a woman who at first seemingly just wanted to get on with the job.

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