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Major error by Cameron

Monday, June 20th, 2016

Sir: Staging the referendum has been a major error by an otherwise competent Prime Minister and we the electorate should vote as one and rescue David Cameron from his folly. Fortunately because we live in a democracy this can be done.

The world is on the move and this movement can only be stemmed by countries working together to control migration, aid refugees and stop the wars.

Prior to the political truce activated by the tragic death of Jo Cox this country has had to witness political infighting of a random, puerile and ignoble nature. If we vote to leave the EU this vitriol will continue for years, amongst ourselves and in our relationship with Europe. It is naïve to think there will be no serious repercussions. The only winners will be the lawyers who, once in charge, will only prolong the exit negotiations in their own interest. Peace and prosperity will go by the by. In these conditions cream never rises to the top; instead a clear run is given to egotists, those with personal vendettas, opportunists and despots.

The world will be a safer place if we stay in Europe. We must stick together and hold the line.

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