Daniel in the lion’s den

Sir: Well obviously rape is rape, and ‘I fell on her by mistake’ (The Times Dec 10th) gets full marks for bare-faced cheek, but teenage girls would be wise to know that when a very much richer and older man invites an 18 year old to his flat the invitation is part of a simple transaction which a girl needs to be aware of. Obviously what he did was very wrong but girls should know how to keep safe by watching out for themselves and not drinking to excess so they can be responsible for their own safety and make better judgements. Going back to a hotel with a footballer is another common error or expecting a married man to leave his wife. Mothers do not seem to be passing on the right value systems to their daughters. My generation were educated with parables and useful bible stories. In this case Daniel in the lion’s den comes to mind. If you enter, expect to be mauled.


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