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Maggie Thatcher – awful mother?

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Sir: It is said, (Trending April 15), that Carol Thatcher has described Maggie as “an awful mother”. This may be true but it is not relevant. Although she remains a controversial figure what she demonstrated above all else was hard work, single-mindedness and tenacity: she knew how important and responsible a job being prime minister was. Frankly if you are running the country I think this is the only possible attitude….to give it everything you have. You cannot be all things to all men and personally although Nick Clegg is much praised for taking his children to school and so on, I’d rather he went straight to work and got on with the task in hand. (On Sundays, although a non-believer himself, he is often press ganged into attending church, when he could be catching up on the papers or those numerous red boxes). In any event the children of great politicians will have doors opened for them in later life that the offspring of lesser mortals can only dream of.

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