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David Miliband

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Sir: Being an MP is not just any old job; it is an honour to be elected and to serve. It is breathtakingly egotistical to trigger a mid –  term by-election just because you did not get the top job. David Miliband’s priorities should be with his constituents of South Shields. His responsibility was to represent them and look after their interests. The press would have soon lost interest in the feuding brothers if he had simply got on with the task in hand. All the rest is humbug.

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A final word on Vicky Pryce

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Sir: I am in no doubt that Vicky Pryce, when faced some years ago with the prospect of being stuck with all those late evening and early morning airport runs, should Chris Huhne be deprived of his licence, made a pragmatic decision to take his points. However having made this pact, their unremarkable secret should have been taken to the grave. All the rest, including the fact that he may or may not have wanted her to have an abortion is irrelevant flim-flam. It is indeed hurtful to be an abandoned spouse, however if she wanted to get her own back she should have needed Nora Ephron’s words, “revenge is best served cold… a book”.

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