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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

I visited another of my banks on Saturday morning. The queue was ten deep and stretching out of the door and we were all held up by a customer who was complaining that this bank that was once a building society but is now a bank largely owned by us, (and the us of course includes Members of Parliament) had changed the terms of her agreement and type of account and even the way she was described on her account, without consulting her. Funny that, that banks can change their customer’s accounts without a bye your leave, but if you the individual wants to change anything, or fix up something new you have to take in several types of ID, make an appointment and endure monologues about products you don’t need, because banking is about selling not service. On this particular day I needed several cheques totalling over £1000 but because there was a queue the girl didn’t bother with security questions, so obviously money-laundering rules can be dispensed with when it suits the bank.

The new Metro bank which is being set up to offer old fashioned service cannot come a moment too soon…..

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Monday, March 8th, 2010

Here we go again…..banking: no change. Bonuses are back up, (did they ever go down?), working practises are no different…..everything is rolling along just as before; bankers are carrying on in just the same cavalier fashion.

The usual scams continue unabated. Members of Parliament could have done a lot more about the banking fiasco but they buried their heads and rolled over. They were too wrapped up in their own petty thieving of expenses to visualise the bigger picture and see their responsibilities.


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Monday, March 1st, 2010

You will see from the recent addition to our site that our latest book WHAT ARE THEY DOING IN THERE? will be out later this month in time for the General Election. Our first objective was to make this book entertaining and a rattling good read and we think we have succeeded in our mission. It was a natural progression for us after our speculative campaign for the Conservative Party, but this book is generally apolitical, we have swung between right and left according to the particular issues. This is not a campaigning book, it is political opinion designed to contribute to the national political debate. Many of our other projects have gone on hold while we concentrated our forensic minds on the current political situation and in particular that pertaining to the House of Commons.


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